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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Weaver bird nest

The Black buck episode

Monday, February 13, 2012

Great Blue Heron

In flight against the green fields.

Bar Headed Goose

Finally found this small pack of 11-12 Bar Headed Goose. I was looking for them since start of this season but to no avail. Every time I reached the possible locations just to find out that they have left a few days back. But this time I was lucky enough to spot them and enjoyed their company at a very close distance. Information regarding this water-body reached me only on last Monday evening and I was due on that route Tuesday morning. So not taking any chances I visited this place first and no doubt it was Fabulous.

Black Buck

This Black buck was doing his duty to save his family by distracting the Invaders (us). And he seems quite capable of doing that, he usually track you to the show of its beauty and agility and sadly get closer to the hunters quite easily. On the course of spotting these I've learned that some people are still hunting this beautiful creature, but a sign of relief was that most people are in favor of saving them, and let them wander through their fields without disturbing them.

Quite happy after spending some 5 odd hours spotting and being in company of Black bucks, and no, it was not in any Wildlife Reserve, They are all free.